We Are Looking at Security Systems

We have been looking at security systems and thinking about what we really need. This house is not really visible from the road, so you really think about how easy it would be for a thief to clean you out. If you came here with a truck and a couple of guys, all you would need to do is to wait for us to leave and then you could clean the whole place out. I have been looking at this sort of system, https://www.securitychoice.net/adt-keychain-remote/ or one with that sort of convenience. Of course you can really get all sorts of features. My boss has one that has a remotely operated door lock on his front door. He sent me over there once to pick up something he had forgotten. When I got there he started to talk to me and then the front door unlocked long enough for me to go in and get his briefcase.

This key fob would be nice since you could lock and unlock the system from your bed, but I wonder if it could work remotely like the one that my boss had. I think that it does not, but I have not really figured out where I am right or wrong about that yet. It is obvious that you can get a really good system if you want to pay for it and all of the smart home features look like they could be pretty cool, although I have a hard time knowing if they could really save you the money that is claimed. For example it is obvious that you only need to have your home at a comfortable temperature when you are at home. So it seems obvious that it would save you money to have a house that was smart enough to regulate the temperature based on where you were.