The Best Divorce Attorneys Around

Finding a divorce lawyer in Albany NY, finding the best one around, was absolutely critical when my wife hit me with divorce papers. The whole situation just dropped out of the sky on me, and a cursory glance at the papers immediately revealed she was playing for keeps. She must have found a pretty good attorney because the papers covered just about everything, and it was a real doozy. Full custody of the kid and a demand for alimony and child support that would have immediately bankrupted me. I had visions of having to live in my car.

Fortunately, thanks to some research online the suggestions from a few friends who already went through this traumatic experience, I was able to find a firm here in town that really covers the bases when it comes to divorce law. There’s really no area of a divorce that they can’t handle, and they have the experience in all areas to effectively represent their clients in this area. They also didn’t wait around to take action. Once I retained counsel, they immediately set to work filing papers and counterclaims to my wife’s demands. They made some demands on my behalf as well.

The short version of the story is that most of my wife’s demands were either thrown out entirely or scaled down drastically. Sure, I’m still paying some child support, which is totally acceptable because I want to be involved in my child’s life, but it isn’t breaking the bank. They got the alimony tossed and I have half custody of my child as well…without an supervision. If you live in the area and need a divorce lawyer who is going to do everything within their power to make sure you get a fair shake in the court system, make sure you look into this firm.