Spending the Summer out on the Lake

Satellite internet Coverage Maps | Ku-Band C-band satellite footprintI sort of lucked out this summer. I am dating this girl who has a lodge out on a lake. It is a pretty big place and they are going to give me a job this summer, but it is not going to be all that stressful in truth. I am just going to be a delivery boy. This lake is really big, but there are not a lot of places where you can get groceries and such. However you can phone in an order. I deliver it in a boat. I did need internet so I went to http://www.satelliteinternetreviews.net and figured out how to get satellite internet in the little cabin Trina and I are going to be staying at. There really was not any other choice and both of us are going to be taking a couple of classes on the internet this summer. So we had to get the internet.

This cabin is really out by itself too. Sheila says that we could go the whole summer without wearing clothes and it is unlikely that anyone would really notice.