Speeding Up the Design Process

There’s one thing I really hate about engineering, and that’s having to do the same calculations over and over. Even the simplest calculations can get tedious if you do them long enough. I thought about creating something to handle these repetitive calculations, but I’m not skilled in software programming, nor do I have any friends who do anything like that. I thought I was doomed to perform the calculations for eternity, until I found out about Tekla. Now I can just let that program do all of the work for me whenever I have some calculations that need to be done repeatedly.

The best thing about having something that will take care of repeat calculations is that I can get done with many of my projects faster. Before when I didn’t have the program, the repeat calculations would add at least an extra 30 minutes to the time needed to complete any project. The bigger the project, the more chances there would be to have repeat calculations, and the time would increase even more. Now, since the program takes care of that, I just do everything like I normally would, and shave off time, leaving me with more to start on some new projects.

Other people that I know in the engineering field have also been looking for something that can help them speed up their projects. One of my closest friends is an engineer and he’s been given the task of designing a new building that will be used as a concert hall of the city orchestra. He has to make the room suited for all of the music that will be played, taking into account equipment that will be used, as well as the how the room is shaped to carry the sound. The program takes care of a lot of the calculations needed to make such a room.