New Technology to Interact with

This year is going to be an exciting year for computers and technology in general. I’ve been looking forward to more wearable technology which is finally beginning to discover a niche in the consumer market that has been missing. Google Glass did their best to introduce a new way of interacting with technology but it was just enough out there that many consumers were turned off by it and the low battery life that the Glass possessed. Whether you’re getting your tech from the likes of Price Computing scales or otherwise, high quality gadgets are beginning to hit the market!

Personally, I want to grab one of those smart watches or smart bands. I love the idea of Glass and I enjoyed how it integrated a lot of cool features that Google already offers as a platform but it was too unwieldy. However, I do want the information and the data to be sent somewhere other than my phone. I already do so much on my phone that it would be nice to manage some of the other parts of my digital life on another, easily accessible device. Our Smartphones have become too bloated I would say and it might be time to trim them down.

It’s a cycle. Cell phones used to be huge, bulky devices that could have served as a weapon in a tight spot thanks to their weight. Then they slimmed down becoming so small that they could have literally been lost in your pocket. Now we’re back to large phones that are able to do everything that we need – do they really need to do all of that, though? When you have a device worn on your wrist able to give you GPS, weather or even notifications it might be time to branch out our data.