My Boss Sent Me to His Chiropractor in Santa Barbara

Do you get cranky when you are in pain? I do. I do not mean to get that way, but I do. I can hold out being super nice until the pain reaches a certain threshold, then I start giving short answers and my smile is gone. My boss could tell I was having trouble with my back, and he came up to me at lunch and gave me a piece of paper with the address to his chiropractor in Santa Barbara written on it. He told me to get in my truck and go get checked out. He said that my coworkers know I am not a cranky guy, and they could tell I was in pain. Now that is an example of coworkers and a boss that actually care.

I went over to the chiropractor’s office right away. My boss had called and got me an appointment. I had some pressure on a nerve in my lower back that was causing all the pain. After going through the office visit that included the adjustment, my back was feeling a lot better. Not completely back to normal, but it was feeling a whole lot better. I was smiling and joking again. I asked the doctor if I could go back to work. He knew what I did for a living, and he told me that I could go. However, he did add that I needed a few more visits to build up my back strength and to get adjustments to allow my back to stay in alignment and let the nerve irritation heal.

I kept all of my appointments, and I have not had another issue with my back since. That has been more than a year ago now. Oh, I did have a slight relapse, but that was when I stopped doing my exercises to keep my back strong. I had put on a few pounds of weight too. When I started the exercises again and lost the weight, the back trouble disappeared again.