Just Getting Moved into My New Place

I am finally moving out of the place that I was sharing with my college buddies. It took me a good bit of time, because I wanted to save up enough to be able to do it without having to scrape and scrounge every time the first of the month rolled around. I figured that if I went too quickly about it, then I would have reliant energy cutting my electricity off at the end of the month. Of course I have my truck and it burns up money like gasoline. Between the payment on it and the auto insurance and all of the stuff you need to keep it rolling, that is a really big expense. I wanted to double up on a couple payments and get my debt down to something reasonable, right now it is pretty nearly paid off and once it is paid for, then I am in a good position so long as everything continues to go just right.

Of course the truth is that my old roomies were never all that reliable when it came to paying their parts of the bills. It was always one of them who had some problem or another, which always meant that the other two would end up picking his end of the power bill or the rent. Of course they could never get square with you. I like those guys and I was having a blast with them for the most part. We partied pretty much nonstop when we were in college and chased a lot of girls since then. That does not mean that I want to pay their rent or any thing of that sort however. I would just about rather move back in with my Mom than to get stuck with that all of the time.