I Am Working on a Project

I have been thinking about this as a logical exercise. To begin with I am wondering how long it shall be until robots are being used for all sorts of menial tasks. I started out by looking at house cleaning prices I wonder how expensive is a robot to own? For example I was checking out this site called my cleaning robots and if you look at the my cleaning robots products you can see that it is going to be a fairly expensive thing to own one of those cleaning robots right now. The one that they sell looks exactly like the irobot roomba, but they do not call it that and I wonder if it is a knock off or some sort of clone of the roomba. At any rate it costs four hundred dollars, which is the same thing that the irobot roomba does. It is going to need new batteries at some point and that is going to cost something close to fifty dollars. They need these brushes as well, but I am not sure how often those wear out.

The big question is how much value you get for the 400 dollars and how long it shall be before these sorts of devices are widely available at a much more reasonable price. I was thinking that at some point you will have houses and buildings designed with robotic systems on them. For example a skyscraper has a huge number of windows which have to be cleaned and there is a huge amount of effort involved in doing that job. I do not know how many windows are on the average skyscraper, but it is obviously a very large number and a lot of guys have to risk their necks cleaning all of them. It is expensive and cumbersome. That is exactly what a robot is good at.