How My Humorous Wife Compared Getting Our New Concrete Driveway with Getting a New Dress

Our house has been holding up well through many New York winters. We are right here in the part of the country where it can be freezing cold and snowing one day and feel like a spring thaw the next. Summers are nice and warm with average rain, but the crazy winter weather of freeze and thaw can wreck concrete. Our driveway was its latest victim. It was cracked, crumbling and heaving. We called a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to come out and take a look at what it would take to make a driveway that would be strong to endure our New York weather.

The contractor pulled up a broken piece of the slab to see what was underneath. There was barely any gravel underneath the slab, and that was not helping protect it from the frost heave when the ground freezes. Plus, the expansion joints were too far apart, and the rebar was practically nonexistent. The contractor advised us how a proper underlayment of gravel and a few other tricks concrete experts know would make a driveway that would likely last for many decades even enduring New York winters.

Our driveway connects to the front sidewalk, and it was cracked in spots too. We had the concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY replace it too. The whole front of the house looks different now. The new concrete really improves our home’s curb appeal. It cost me a little more money because my wife insisted we have the brick of our home professionally cleaned and new window treatments put in to freshen up the rest of the house to match the new driveway. I had to paint the garage door and buy a few new plants for out front too. She said the driveway was like getting a new dress; a woman needs new shoes and a purse to go with it.