Fibaro Has the Coolest Home Automation Equipment

I found a company that provides all of the home automation equipment you would ever need to fully automate your home yourself. I use equipment from the fibaro company. You can still use their stuff regardless if you are a do-it-yourself homeowner like me, or if you hire a subcontractor to install things. The point is that they have automation equipment that is integrated like nothing I have ever seen.

The coolest thing is the phone app that uses the GPS built into the phone itself. I can load the app and actually tell the system I have installed at home what I want it to do. It will look at where the GPS in my phone says that I am, and it computes when to actually carry out the command. So, if I tell it to adjust the temperature to 70 degrees Fahrenheit by the time I get home, it will look at where I am at and figure out how long it will take me to get there based on the speed I am traveling and the route I am taking. Pretty cool huh?

The system does everything from turning on the coffee maker to unlocking the front door. I don’t even have to press the button to be let into the garage. It senses it is me in the vehicle and opens it up for me. It is a very advanced system. Now, what I like the most is the cost of the components you need to pull off this level of automation. These components Fibaro offers are priced very well, and they perform exactly as I want them to perform. It is all quality made materials for making your home a futuristic automated home today. They have switches and control mechanisms to accomplish pretty much anything you want as far as automation is concerned.