An Organization That Helps Wounded Vets

I was looking for organizations that help veterans because I just felt drawn to help out myself. My father and three brothers have all served, and I would have as well if I had been able to. My eyesight is not very good though, so I had to contribute in different ways. I have been pen pals with dozens of servicemen and women, and I have organized card drives for various holidays so they know how much we appreciate what they do. I still wanted to do more though, especially to help those who have come back scarred from what they have seen in the different war zones.

Thankfully, my father and brothers all lead productive lives now that their military service is behind them, but they have told me about fellow soldiers who have not been so lucky. It is easy to understand why some of them come home emotionally scarred after hearing of some of the things they have seen over there. Some of it is so horrible that these men and women don’t even share it with their own families, knowing that it would be too hard for them to understand.

That is why I wanted to help an organization that is driven to provide the care that these men and women need. When I started reading about the Crockett Foundation, I knew that I had found the organization that I wanted to assist. They understand the trials that these wounded men and women face, and they move mountains to be able to help them. They use the donations that they collect to train service dogs for soldiers suffering from PTSD and also to buy musical instruments as well as yoga gear to help people in their various therapy programs. I am honored to be able to help them provide such a valuable service to the men and women who have fought hard to protect us from evil and harm.