School is Much Easier when You Get Outside Help


I found myself struggling during my first year at my new university. I began second guessing myself and feeling like maybe I wasn’t cut out out for college and would not make it to graduation. The more time passed and I found myself continuing to struggle, the more anxious I became. My physics instructor told me about a jc physics tuition that could help me get through my physics class. Getting tutored is something that I wish I had known about earlier, and that is my fault because I kept my fears to myself for too long. It was only after I opened up about what was going on that I learned within only minutes of talking about it that help is available.

I never really struggled all that much in high school, but I was never an amazing student either. It always upset me to see how many kids barely put forth any effort, yet they do wonderfully in all their classes. It’s never a good idea to be envious, but I was truly envious that some of the other kids had it so easy. When I moved on to college, I ended up seeing a lot of other students that breezed through college classes as well. Some of them barely showed up for class, but they would walk in on test days and ace their tests. I felt stupid, and I wondered if I should give up on many occasions.

Getting help from a tutor is the best thing I could have done for myself. Extra help meant that I had extra time to really let info sink in. Classes are fast and I often didn’t absorb everything that I needed to know during one short class hour at school, but the extra time getting tutored let me hear the info again and again so that I could really comprehend what I needed to learn.