Ponytail Hairpieces That Are Clip on

Recently my daughter decided that she wanted to get her hair cut short, and I tried for a couple of weeks to convince her not to go through with it, and explained a lot of reasons why she shouldn’t do it. Chief among those reasons was that it takes a really long time to grow out your hair. Anyway, she didn’t change her mind and I eventually consented. I didn’t say I told her so, but I am not shopping for clip in ponytail hairpieces because she really misses having long hair, and she wants to do something to make it look like she has long hair, at least some of the time, as she has really grown bored with the few styles she has tried with her new short haircut.

I don’t want to rub it in her face that she should have listened to me in the first place, because I think this is going to be a valuable learning experience, and there is no need for me to gloat. Of course, I think she might be less apt to listen to me in the future if I were to gloat about being right. I think that would just make her bitter. Rather, I am going to try to help her, which is why I am looking for the hairpieces that I just described. I want to get one that is made from real hair too, because I do not think that fake hair ever really looks right. I mean, I have seen some of it that is fairly high quality, but it still is easy enough to tell that it is not the real thing. Rather, I think that such a ponytail hair extension made from real hair would be the best solution, because she used to wear her hair in a ponytail all the time anyway.