Speeding Up the Design Process


There’s one thing I really hate about engineering, and that’s having to do the same calculations over and over. Even the simplest calculations can get tedious if you do them long enough. I thought about creating something to handle these repetitive calculations, but I’m not skilled in software programming, nor do I have any friends who do anything like that. I thought I was doomed to perform the calculations for eternity, until I found out about Tekla. Now I can just let that program do all of the work for me whenever I have some calculations that need to be done repeatedly.

The best thing about having something that will take care of repeat calculations is that I can get done with many of my projects faster. Before when I didn’t have the program, the repeat calculations would add at least an extra 30 minutes to the time needed to complete any project. Continue reading

Hyper Kids and Intense Heat


On the day of my son’s 6th birthday, the air conditioner stopped working. I had already made plans to have a party for my son, and all of his friends would attend. Without a working air conditioner, the house would heat up and the kids would be baking indoors. I contacted a company for air conditioning repair in NYC and moved the party to the outside while the air conditioner was being repaired. I some water balloons and water guns for the kids to play with that would also keep them cool int he summer heat.

The kids and screamed int he back yard while trying to hit each other with the balloons and streams of water. Meanwhile, the repair worker was busy working on the air conditioner. He was starting to sweat from the heat, so I pointed some fans in his direction. My son was ready to cut the cake, so I lit the candles and he made his wish while the kids crowded around. He wouldn’t tell what he wished for, but knowing him, it was probably for some new toys. The kids couldn’t wait to get the cake into their bellies, but some of them got more of it on their faces.

The repair worker finished just as the kids were done eating the cake. The kids were feeling a little tired and wanted to play some video games. I dried the kids off with towels and they went inside to play a wrestling game. All of the kids are enthralled by the wrestling story lines and tune in every week to see their favorite wrestlers battle. After playing games for a while, the kids were hungry again, so I gave them some ice cream. The air conditioner made the house cool enough so the ice cream wouldn’t melt.