A Classy Event to Remember

Recently, I was nominated for a prestigious award. It is s very coveted award in business. I was nominated for the Businessman of the Year Award. I was so proud of myself. Only the best of the best had a shot a winning the award. I was a very honored to be among the ranks of those that were chosen. My rival, Ronald Stump, was also nominated for the award. I could not believe it. The award show will have hundreds of well-dressed businessmen. I purchased two pre-tied bow ties to go with my black tuxedo. I want to dress for success for the upcoming awards ceremony. I also wanted to have a date on my side.

I own my own company. It is one of the largest financial firms in America. It started as a small start-up company in Atlanta. I founded it when I was only twenty years old. Ten years later, it is one of the most successful businesses in the financial sector.

I rented a plain, black tuxedo for the ceremony. I want to keep my style simple and classic. I know that Ronald will wear something weird and make a complete fool of himself. I want to be the envy of the ceremony.

I am choosing to wear a black bow tie to go with my tuxedo. It is so elegant and nice. I ordered it from the internet. It arrived very quickly. My father gave me his lucky silver watch to wear to the awards. My father told me that this will bring me luck. I am going to need it.

I also needed a date for my big night. I wanted to ask my assistant Pearl. She is very nice and sweet. I would love to show up at the award ceremony on my arm with her. It will be the best night of our lives. I asked Pearl and she agreed to go with me. Everything is now set.