Finding Coupons for Internet Hosting

I am trying to get some cheap internet hosting for my personal website, because I would really like to be able to publish it to the internet in the near future, without having to spend all that much money. Right now, I am looking at a hostgator coupon code to see if I can find some coupon codes for this one particular website hosting site. It looks like I might have found what I am looking for, but I guess I should check and make sure that the coupons have not expired or anything like that.

I really do not have a lot of money to spare in order to pay for the hosting of a website, that is for sure. At the same time, it is my hope that eventually this website will be able to pay for itself. I know that simple hosting plans, such as the ones offered on this website I am looking at right now, do not generally cost more than a few bucks a month. However, I am living on a limited budget, and I do not have much money to allocate to things that are not written down on the budget, which is my purpose in seeking out coupon codes for internet hosting. I really want to put this website up soon though, because I have put a lot of work into.

The website started as something I was making for a class project my last semester of my senior year of high school, but I kept working on it, and now it is a pretty robust website, just not one that has been published to the internet. I need to go ahead and get some hosting now, and I hope that over time, I will be able to make enough money off of ads in order to pay for the hosting.